Polyester Stuffing

Polyester Fiberfill

Polyester stuffing could be used by the people to make or design dolls. This tips and techniques will be useful for those people that are making their cloth character dolls for the first time.

Stitching length and polyester stuffing:   let your stitching length to be too small. For instance, 1, 5-2 stitch length is considered as good for your stuffing when you are making a doll. But to be on a safer side, make sure you make the required checks on the kind of fabrics you want to use such stitch length 1, 5-2 for. Dolls make with clothes need full polyester stuffing mostly at the neck, ankles or any area of its body that is thin. Have it at the back of your mind that your doll must be hard on feeling. Also check anywhere that is soft also in your doll body and park the place with stuffing.

Good quality polyester stuffing:  to test the quality of your stuffing, cut a little piece and squeeze with your hand and then open your hand. If the stuffing’s returns back to its normal size and shape, then it is good quality stuffing and that is exactly what you require. After opening your hand, the squeezed polyester stuffing must be smooth back. If you are a professional in stuffing that is highly experienced in sewing and designing, to use toilet roll cardboard to park the dolls leg will not be difficult. Although, learning polyester stuffing consumes time and need much practice but let’s take this few steps:

Firstly, good white polyester stuffing is highly needed. Avoid fairly used or second grade stuffing. For you to know good stuffing’s apart from the one I mentioned earlier is to test two to three types and start using the one you preferred and is suitable.

Avoid bringing out your polyester stuffing in little quantity and parking inside your doll. Whenever there is a break in stuffing, it provides air bubbles by the time the polyester stuff is parked together and this brings about cellulites. Place a bag of stuffing by your side and load it in the doll. This is a great secret. Although some times, small portion of it might be needed but it is advisable to keep in a long stream.

You can even apply hemostats to your polyester stuffing instead of stuffing forks. You can also use stuffing fork to blow your hemostats. Hemostat is a precious tool that is essential for doll stuffing. It is available for sale in doll store. The best way to use in turning corner smoothly when sewing is to do the saving slowly and pulse, then allow the needle to go down into the fabric. Gently take off your foot and turn the fabric round and then continue your sewing. But as a beginner, you might need to do it again at least for 4 times. Note that you need to be careful whenever you are cutting.